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January 11, 2017
Winter Park, Florida, USA
Full Sail University
nXt Tag Team Championship Match: #DIY (c) vs. The Revival

Gargano and Dawson are out first. Dawson hits Gargano hard with an uppercut as the referee tries to break them up in the corner. Pretty quick start as both men run the ring, evading one another’s moves until Dawson receives an atomic drop off the ropes from Gargano. Tag is made to Ciampa who knocks Dawson off of his feet. Wilder enters the ring but it doesn’t help. The champions clothesline their rivals out of the ring to the outside as…

We go to commercial break.

On the return, Gargano and Dawson continue to battle. Dawson lifts Gargano on to the turnbuckle but the referee forces him to back off for a 4 count. Gargano leaps over Dawson towards his opponent’s corner. As he lifts Dawson for an inverted atomic drop, Dawson reaches behind himself and tags in Wilder. Gargano completes the move, sending Dawson stumbling away. Wilder gets punched by Dawson and rolls out. As Gargano focuses on Dawson again, Wilder runs in and chops Gargano in the leg from behind. Gargano’s writhing in pain.

Wilder continues to attack the left knee of Gargano. He tags in Dawson to help continue the targeted assault. Dawson hyper-extends the knee, elbows it, smashes it and prevents Gargano from getting to Ciampa. Dawson tags in Wilder who smashes Gargano’s knee into the ring post. The referee calls them to give Gargano space. Wilder retrieves Gargano from the outside and the attack continues. Tag to Dawson. Suplex into the turnbuckle, hanging Gargano in the tree of woe as the Revival clobber Gargano.

As Wilder lifts Gargano to his feet, the champ tries to fight back. He knocks Dawson off of the ring apron, accidentally, and as Wilder tries to lift Gargano, Dawson slides under the ring ropes. He pleads with the referee about what happened just as Gargano rolls up Wilder. The referee doesn’t see it but Gargano had this match won! The referee only got there to count 2.

Meanwhile, the double team attack on Gargano continues as Dawson is tagged in. He unmercifully chucks Gargano to the floor as the referee begins a count. Wilder goes to bring Gargano in, but Gargano slams Wilder into the ring post. Dawson rolls his tag partner into the ring so he can tag himself in.

Gargano seizes the opportunity to run back in the ring but gets tackled mid-air by Dawson! Ciampa is beside himself on the apron, desperate to get into the match, so he enters anyway. As the referee deals with him, Wilder leaps from the second rope with a leg drop on Gargano as Dawson held him across his knee. Pinfall attempt…1…2… kickout! How is Gargano still conscious?

Commercial break

On the return, Dawson is applying a single leg crab submission to Gargano’s left leg, which has been targeted most of the match. Wilder’s tagged in, only to receive an enziguri from Gargano. Gargano’s free to tag Ciampa…and he does!

Ciampa lets loose with multiple takedowns on Dawson. Running high knee to the head in the corner. A trifecta of German suplexes, including one that doubled as a back body drop on Wilder who tried to interfere. Ciampa psyches himself up in the corner and rushes Dawson with a running knee to the head. 1…2…kickout by Dawson! Ciampa is shocked.

Ciampa grabs Dawson from behind and wraps his arms in close, preventing a tag to Wilder. Dawson elbows Ciampa in the head and makes the tag anyway. Wilder springs in, leaping over Dawson for a sunset flip. He can’t bring Ciampa down so Dawson helps with a strong clothesline. Bridging pinfall attempt is no good. Ciampa kicks out. Wilder is frustrated. He punches Gargano which prompts him to enter the ring. The referee heads him off. Dawson enters to run the ropes. Before he can finish his idea of clotheslining Ciampa who has been lifted up by Wilder, Ciampa ducks and Dawson receives a high kick to the face by Gargano! Simultaneously, Ciampa forces Wilder to the mat with the armbar submission.

Dawson tries to get to his partner but Gargano blocks his path for a few moments. Finally, Dawson just pushes Gargano into Ciampa to break the hold. Ciampa and Wilder are visibly in pain as Wilder tags in Dawson. The two throw Ciampa off the ropes. Gargano slaps his partner’s back as he bounces off and throws Wilder out of the ring. Dawson throws Ciampa out. Gargano enters, tries to roll up Dawson. He can’t but, from the mat, he rolls again and kicks Dawson in the face. Dawson’s stunned in the corner but not stunned enough because he lifts Gargano on to the ring apron. Off the ropes, Dawson runs right into a spear attempt by Gargano. He blocks it. Gargano attempts the sunset flip after he was lifted up for a potential Shatter Machine, which was prevented by a Ciampa tackle on Wilder. Dawson just sits on Gargano’s shoulders for a 2 count.

Frantic action here! Gargano barely kicked out of that last pinfall attempt. Gargano tries to get the kinks out of his left knee. Dawson goes for a submission but is kicked out through the ropes. Ciampa with a running knee on Wilder who attempted to get in the ring. Ciampa holds the middle rope down to allow Gargano a running plancha attempt on Dawson. He gets a face full of ring barricade for his efforts, barely scratching Dawson. Ciampa runs the apron and launches himself at Wilder on the outside and, he, too, hits more of the timekeeper’s table than his opponent. Ouch.

Gargano manages to roll Dawson into the ring. Ciampa staggers to their corner and tags in. They stand at opposite corners and it’s Wilder grabbing Gargano’s leg, dragging him under the ropes and pushing him into the side of the ring. Ciampa chases Wilder but Dawson catches him. He attempts a slingshot suplex. Ciampa counters. Back and forth, Dawson pushes Ciampa to the ropes where he receives an eye rake from Wilder. This stuns him enough to bounce back, into Dawson, to receive a DDT! 1…2…NO! Ciampa kicks out! Dawson is in disbelief!

Wilder climbs the turnbuckle for The Revival’s next double team move. Gargano pushes him off and pushes Ciampa out of Dawson’s grasp. High knee from Ciampa on Dawson. Enziguri by Gargano on Wilder as he approached the ropes. Both Revival members sprawl on the mat as Ciampa tags in Gargano. DOUBLE RUNNING KNEES! Gargano and Ciampa each pin an opponent and the referee counts to 3.

Winners: #DIY retain the Tag Team Championships via pinfall in 15 minutes

January 18, 2017
Winter Park, Florida, USA
Full Sail University

Backstage, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson of The Revival are asked what’s next for them after losing the nXt Tag Team Titles to #DIY. Wilder says 2016 was the year of The Revival. Dawson says the Takeover: San Antonio Tag Team Championship match should be a triple threat.

Suddenly, Nick Thorne and Shane Miller of TM61 interrupt! Miller says you can’t demand a tag team title match. You’ve got to fight your way for one, just like the rest of us.

Dawson says they’re different and they’ve earned the right to demand title matches. TM61 are the tilapia, the bottom feeders of the nXt roster. Tonight, they’ll fight and they’re gonna cripple Thorne and Miller.

Tag Team Match: The Revival vs. TM61

After the opening melee which saw Wilder and Miller spill out of the ring and on to the floor, it’s Thorne and Dawson left battling inside. When Thorne is distracted by Wilder’s jump up to the ring apron, Dawson seizes the opportunity to take out Thorne’s left knee from behind. Dawson pummels Thorne in the head. Powerslam. Tag to Wilder. Dawson lifts Wilder up for a leg drop on Thorne. 1-2- kickout.

Wilder with a European uppercut on Thorne. He sends Thorne’s head into the knee of Dawson, through the ropes, after tagging his partner in. Dawson sets a slow, methodical pace and he continues to strike and club Thorne to the mat. Uppercut on Thorne as Dawson jaws at him about being the main attraction. Quick leg drop on Thorne and another uppercut. Thorne starts fighting back with punches of his own and then a backslide pin which surprises Dawson for a 2 count. Dawson quickly scrambles for a tag, sending Thorne off the ropes and, on the return, a SHATTER MACHINE! Thorne rolls out of the ring though so no pinfall attempt is made.

Miller rushes in, having tagged Thorne when he bounced off the ropes, and he goes to work on Wilder with clotheslines and a back suplex. Wilder takes exception to this and counters with a vicious spinebuster.

Dawson’s tagged in, trying to get a leg submission on Thorne when Thorne reaches around and gets an inside cradle pin on Dawson. 1-2-3! TM61 win!

Winner: TM-61 via pinfall in 4 minutes

Immediately after the match ends, The Revival get to work beating down Thorne and Miller. They give Miller the Shatter Machine. Thorne crawls into the ring and Dawson lies Thorne across his knee for Wilder to elbow drop him in the sternum. Dawson holds Thorne again and Wilder hits him with a top rope stomp. Thorne scrambles back into the ring to protect Miller and beckons The Revival to come back to the ring. The referees try to send them back up the ramp, and they’re finally successful. nXt medical staff check on Thorne as we go to commercial break.

February 8, 2017
Winter Park, Florida, USA
Full Sail University
Tag Team Match: The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery is the new tag team moniker for Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic. They come out wearing matching black and orange singlets.

McGuinness says The Revival are one of the top tag teams in the world today, even without the nXt Tag Team Championships. No dispute here.

Wilder and Knight are out first. Side headlock by Wilder. Off the ropes, Wilder runs into a brick wall. He keeps trying but he’s getting nowhere with Dozovic. He eventually powerslams him and then picks him up for a bearhug. Dozovic tags himself in and Knight literally throws Wilder into Dozovic’s arms to continue the bearhug submission strategy.

Wilder gets loose, clubs Dozovic a few times and throws his face into Dawson’s head. Dawson’s tagged in and he does a little boxing with Dozovic’s face. Dozovic hits the canvas hard after a right hand. Dawson tags in Wilder, picks him up and slams him down for a leg drop on Dozovic. 2 count.

Quick tag to bring Dawson in again and the Revival members beat up on Dozovic in their corner. It’s getting methodical now. Another 2 count for Dawson and a transition into a headlock. The crowd claps for Dozovic to get back up. He does and breaks loose with a back suplex on Dawson. The two men crawl to their respective corners.

Knight and Wilder tag in. Knight unloads with takedowns. Dropkick on Dawson sends him out of the ring. He is pumped! Off the ropes, Dawson slaps Wilder’s back as Wilder gets arm dragged by Knight, right out of the ring. Knight connects with a Lou Thesz press on the approaching Dawson. 1-2- kickout by Dawson!

Knight tries to tag in Dozovic but Wilder has cleared him from the ring apron. Knight chases Wilder on the outside, runs back in…right into a DDT from Dawson. That’s enough for a 3 count pinfall and the victory.

Winners: The Revival via pinfall in 6 minutes.

Post-match, Wilder reminds the fans they are the greatest tag team in the world today. They are nXt Tag Team of the Year. Dawson chuckles as the crowd chants “you deserve it”. Dawson trashes the crowd. He says #DIY should’ve never been tag team champions. At Takeover: San Antonio, they got demolished.

Dawson says they are the Mercedes-Benz of the tag team division and the best on the planet. Their insistence on being the best eventually hits a nerve because out come the Authors of Pain, nxt Tag Team champions with manager Paul Ellering.

They enter the ring as the Revival exit. Their mere presence is enough to send the Revival members retreating from the ring and ringside to the back. As the Authors are posing on the ramp, Wilder and Dawson attack them from behind and run off! Rezar and Akam are pissed! Ellering tries to calm them down.

March 8, 2017
Orlando, Florida, USA
The Venue At UCF
Tag Team Match: The Revival vs. The Ealy Brothers

Gabriel and Uriel Ealy, the first twin brothers tag team in the history of the WWE Performance Centre, barely get on the ring apron before they’re attacked by the Authors of Pain. Seems Akam and Rezar want a piece of The Revival but they wisely leave the ring. Authors deliver the Final Chapter, their double-team finishing move, to one of the Ealys. Manager Paul Ellering claps on the ring apron and congratulates the champs on their work this evening.

Match Did Not Start

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